The Ultimate Guide to Survive a Kitchen Remodel Seamlessly

Dec 20 2018

Finally made the decision to remodel your kitchen? Congratulations! I can not wait to see images of your fully remodelled kitchen. However, in the meantime, it is crucial to acknowledge and anticipate what is yet to come.

Plan to do the following before demolition begins:

  • ● Carve out time to pack up the kitchen properly or arrange time for movers to aid with the hassle of packing
  • ● Make prior arrangements on the placement of certain applications, such as the fridge since it inevitably takes a substantial amount of space in one’s home.
  • ● Be sure to acknowledge food expenses. Since your kitchen will be occupied, and inadequate for its initial use, cooking. Whether it is takeout or restaurant expenses, it is crucial to keep these expenses in mind.
  • ● Be more flexible and accepting with the sounds and the dust created from the renovation process being done and any other irritating circumstances.

  • Set Up a Makeshift Kitchenette:

  • If possible and realistic in your opinion, set up a mini kitchen in another space in your home. Consider what equipment might come in handy for creating a meal. Some suggestions include:
  • ● Coffee maker
  • ● Electrical tea kettle
  • ● Toaster or toaster oven
  • ● Slow cooker
  • ● Portable electric grill
  • ● Mini fridge

If your home has a mini kitchen or a wet bar elsewhere, you are in luck. That would be the perfect space to set up your temporary kitchen whilst your actual kitchen is under renovation.

However, for the majority who do not have a mini kitchen elsewhere in their home, it is vital to find a vacant area in your home, and collect all your kitchen essentials and create your own mini kitchen so you are able to utilize it whilst renovation is undergoing. Be sure to choose kitchen equipment that are rather easy to clean.

Menu Plan:

Now that you are more knowledgeable in regards what to expect, get accustomed to eating food items for quite a while that are rather simple to make. The menu for the time being will consist of all that you can grill outside (if the weather permits) or toast inside, soup, cereal and cold sandwiches.

Clean Up Immediately:

Be sure to have cleaning supplies accessible to you such as dish detergent in your designated cleanup site. The designated trash can should have a lid in order to contain odors and keep pests away. Cleaning up immediately is vital especially when you are working with such a small area that is temporary for the time being, you surely do not want it to turn into a huge mess.

Make a Designated List of Items to Leave Behind:

Being aware of specifically what you want, and what you do not want is crucial to making the process abundantly easier. Suggestions of items that should be kept if applicable:

● Grilling tools

● Carving, bread and paring knife

● Cutting boards

● Platters

● Coffee, tea, sugar, mugs and tea cups

● Paper plates and napkins

● A set of silverware

● Liquid detergent, scrub brush, dishwashing tub, dish towels

● Salt, pepper and any spices you may require for cooking

● Foil, plastic wrap and storage containers

● Serving spoons

● Can opener and bottle opener

A Side Note in Regards to Plastic and Paper Utensils:

Majority of individuals choose to strictly use paper and plastic utensils and this is rather an ideal and easy manner to get by for the time being. However, it is a well known fact that such things are rather harmful for the environment. Thus, a more environment friendly solution is having one plate, bowl, mug, glass and one of each of the utensils required to have a meal, for each family member. No extras are required for the time being, since it is unlikely that you will be inviting any guests while there is renovation, and reconstruction occurring simultaneously.

Continuously Par Down the Amount of Objects you Own:

While going through the process of packing up your kitchen prior to the start of the renovation process, continuously try to get rid of items you see yourself not using on a regular basis. Reconsider if the item is worth packing, or donating and finding a new kitchen for it. Also, consider when the last time you used this itea, and do you honestly believe that you will be using it anytime in the near future? The answer to all these questions, and after much consideration you will surely make the right decision of donating or keeping the item.

Designate a Room as a Construction-Free Zone:

Designate a room as your sanity-saving space and be clear with the kitchen remodelling contractor that this designated area is “off-limits” for the contractor to place any tools, supplies and whatever else they may be utilizing for the kitchen remodel, this space is yours to utilize while your kitchen is undergoing renovation. The best tip is to choose an area that is not above or adjacent to the kitchen. The kitchen contractor and the staff brought along will surely spread their equipment into the closest vacant spaces.

Setting Up an Eating Area:

Whether you will be delivering food to your home, grabbing takeout on your way home or cooking a steak on the grill, eating on the floor or on a coffee table will get old extremely quickly. Therefore be sure to have an allocated space specifically for eating that is comfortable for you and the members of your family. Inform Us: Have you made it to the other side of a kitchen remodel? What are some tips and tricks that guided you to get through it? Which kitchen items were of a extreme use to you? Please be sure to share your best tips with us in the comments.

Inform Us: Have you made it to the other side of a kitchen remodel? What are some tips and tricks that guided you to get through it? Which kitchen items were of a extreme use to you? Please be sure to share your best tips with us in the comments.

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