The 10 Factors to Consider in Regards to Bathroom Remodelling:

Jan 10 2019 - Editor Rahma, Houzz

Consider the scenario of you living in an older house, a home built prior to the year 1980. The bathrooms during that era were built differently than they do now, the bathrooms built in the 1980s are no accessible in modern day. Perhaps, because the vanity is too low or the shower valves and inefficient.

Whatever the reason may be reworking a bathroom can go a long way towards making your home more enjoyable and more accessible to you. It is crucial to be smart about which improvements are good investment of our money.

To do this you will want to have a checklist of set criteria of the must haves. Then move forwards with incorporating those factor you require in order to make your bathroom function. Here are a few factors to consider:

1. Is having a tub necessary?

For many years homeowners have been tricked into thinking that they must have a tub. Although you may not be utilizing the tub at all, but you must consider the fact that if you were to resell your home this will be one of the factors that will raise the value of your home. However, if you plan on living in that home forever then what is the use of something that you do not use whatsoever.

2. Mind the height:

If your home is more than a few decades old this indicates that the vanity is 30 inches tall. Whilst that height is suitable for small children it is inescapable to adults. The minimum standard in modern day is 36 inches which makes the vanity more accessible to its designated user.

3. Water splashing everywhere:

A shower experience can be quite limitless with possibilities from a variety of shower heads to a variety of shower areas, these are just the basics. Whether it be a body spray shower head or a handheld spray it is important to note that each of these will increase the cost of the bathroom renovation, as it will also increase plumbing costs. It is crucial to plan the location of each of these elements considering where you want each item placed.

4. “Grab on” for safety reasons:

Grabbing bars and extremely useful in bathrooms providing support for elder homeowner, and even younger family members. When these grabbing bars are placed judiciously, it can be beneficial to all member in the household. Incase they feel dizzy while shower, incase they slip or incase they want to raise themselves from the tub.

5. A place to rest:

a shower seat is not just a place to sit back and relax it can be used for a variety of different purposes such as shaving your legs.

6. Find your niche:

A terrific way to provide the space for bathroom essentials, such as shampoo, it to create a niche or a series of niches into the wall of the shower. The trick is to coordinate the placement of the niches to the tiling pattern.

7. Do you use the shower for shaving purposes?

The shower is the best way to shave in order to avoid creating a mess, and saving time. Consider spending extra money to install proper lighting and a fog free mirror and an allocates space for a razor and even shaving cream.

8. Getting your game face on:

Do you stand at the vanity in order to apply your makeup? Would you rather have a place in order to do so? Consider a makeup desk, which will help you not only be comfortable while doing your makeup but will also help you organize your makeup in a manner that will work in your favour. If you choose to integrate a vanity it is important to recognize the height difference.

9. Keep reading material nearby:

The bathroom is a majority of people’s favorite place to spend some quiet. However, story books always seem to find their way into the bathroom, therefore if you enjoy reading your favourite novel while spending some time in the bathroom might as well allocate a specific space for it, in order to keep your bathroom organized.

10. Hooks and towel bars:

the placement of hooks and towel bars is a necessity, because you do not want to miss place them in the wrong area where they will be overlooked. This step should not be an afterthought especially when hooks and towel bars can be a crucial design element that puts a bathroom together.