There are a few steps which go into basement renovation, remodelling and finishing. The first step is visiting the site. The site visit allows an overlook over the entire space, allowing an understanding of what type of space is being dealt with. The second step is understanding clients needs, wants and hopes for the site. Comprehending a client wants and need allows the acknowledgement of what must be done in order to provide a completed project that the client will be delighted with. The third step is creating a 2D model containing the overall view of the site. The fourth step is the estimation. This step is extremely vital as it includes the dimensions of the site. These estimations become a reference point in order to begin the mathematical portion of renovating and remodelling. The fifth step is more focused on design; the selection of material and colours. If needed a 3D model will be provided. 3D models provide the experience of virtual reality which may be necessary occasionally. The final step is beginning to renovate and or remodel the site. This step is supervised by the project manager, in order to ensure that it is complete during the allocated time.


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Shamshoom is competent in undertaking any sort of basement remodelling, renovating and finishing a project. Our objective is to ensure remarkable service to our clients. With our integrated remodelling, renovation and finishing solutions, that are tailored for each individual client, meeting our client's budget, needs and delivering a completed project on time, we ensure a phenomenal overall service. Solving any predicament that may arise is the first priority, this will essentially avoid any possible delays. Working hand in hand with each customer is a tactic in order to ensure that the project is completed within every budget, and price range. A remarkable finished project is just as significant as the underlying parts that go into that remarkable project, this referring to the underlayer insulation materials which are of the highest quality, the least to say. The project is managed by engineers as well as project managers to avoid any possible pitfalls and predicaments.

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