8 steps guide for the ultimate bathroom / washroom remodeling and renovation

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Envision your new bathroom, set a budget that does not impose with you fanatical stability, choose your favorite materials, hire professionals and wait on receiving your finished products during the allocated time.

Finally prepared to take the step of remodelling your bathroom? Congratulations! As you are probably aware of the fact that you have a number of tasks ahead of you. Even with the aid of a bathroom designer as well as a general contractor who will handle both the construction and installation, however a majority of the mental work inevitably falls right on you, the homeowner. Thus, it is going to be up to you, the homeowner where you want specific details located, approximately the amount of money you are willing to spend and finally what you want the look and overall function of the bathroom to be. This step-by-step workbook will help guide, and navigate the process thoroughly, throughout the planning and conceptual phases. It is crucial to keep in mind that professionals come in handy when you are going through this transition who are knowledgeable in the subject-matter.

Step 1: What are You Trying to Achieve?

“What are you trying to achieve” may seem like a simple question with a rather simple answer, an answer which may sound quiet similar to this: “I am in need of a new bathroom.” However, when embarking on a new journey which will surely use up a majority of your time and will require a considerable amount of money, you want to ensure it is perfected as well as ensuring you are pleased with the end results. Prior to beginning, consider what your ideal bathroom would potentially look like. Ignore any constraints which relate to financial matters, or space: simply focus on what you, the homeowner wants and your intended purpose. Who is this bathroom for? Is it a master bathroom? A powder bathroom? A bathroom for the kids? How often will the bathroom be used, and what will the major function be? Other Considerations:

● The amount of people that will be using the bathroom?

● The amount of time spent utilizing the bathroom during the morning, afternoon and night time?

● Overlook your routine, and examine how your current space hinders your routine it and how a new space can help to improve your routine?

● Do you plan on spending your entire life in this house?

● Do you have any medical conditions such as: poor eyesight, or arthritis that you must take into consideration?

● Are you looking for a space that is easy to clean?

● Do you just want to renovate the bathroom in order to put your home on the market?

● What does your dream bathroom include: towel warmers, steam showers, or a TV? All of these features will help guide your decision.

What is the Reason Behind your Choice to Remodel or Renovate your Bathroom? There are three major reasons individuals often want to remodel, or renovate their bathroom. For some it is a combination of all three reasons.

1) Updating the outlook: if you are satisfied with the current layout of your bathroom but believe that your bathroom needs a refresher then you must be focusing your attention on material selection and perhaps cabinetry or plumbing. Pay close attention to the age of your home and the remodels done by previous homeowners. Doing so will overcome any delays which could potentially lead to pitfalls throughout the process.

2) Resale value: if you are updating the look of your bathroom with the intent of selling, you will want to look at what potential buyers want. Although it is rather difficult to anticipate what a random buyer is searching for, it is highly suggested to perform research on what appeals to the majority of homeowners. Houzzs Trend Studies is an ideal place to begin, as well as discussing ideas with designers, neighbours, friends and family regarding what is most suitable for your area.

3) Better functionality and more storage: Perhaps you have always despised a certain function in your bathroom, such as: the bathroom door opening and hitting the vanity, or the lack of use of the bathtub and the need for a larger shower area, or the need of two sinks instead of one. This level of remodel will most likely encourage rearranging the elements within the bathroom and rerouting plumbing. Resulting in an “all-new bathroom”.

Step 2: Research and Budget

Prior to getting ahead of yourself, it is best to be aware of your financial capabilities. You probably have an idea of what your approximate budget range. Thus the first step is to acknowledge how much a bathroom remodel is going to cost. According to Houzz’s data, a number of homeowners will spend more than $10,000 on a master bathroom remodel. Consider whether you need a basic remodel ($3,000 to $10,000+), as well as 10-20 percent of unforeseen costs which might arise throughout the course of the project. Keep in mind that you are able to lower the cost of the project without interfering with any of the existing plumbing or wiring.

Step 3: Searching for a Professional

Whether you chose to hire a professional or not that is a choice left up to you. However it is important to note that hiring a professional will be crucial in the process of your bathroom remodelling and renovation. The professional will surely have innovative ideas that those who are non-professionals in this subject-matter will not think of. An example of this is fitting a washer and dryer into your bathroom, or rearranging the space in a creative manner in order to maximize functionality and efficiency.

There are various manners in which you are able to work with a designer. Guidance from a design consultant or a developed vision with a design plan may be all that is necessary to get started. For particularly complicated jobs, full design services are the best option. It is recommended to search for professionals in your area and browse their portfolios, in order to find the professional that is best suitable for your needs.

If you are comfortable tackling the demolition, construction and installation yourself, you may not be in need of a general contractor. However this project can quickly get out of your grasp. If you lack in experience, a bathroom remodel can take months and take several pitfalls in order to possibly get it right, the results will still be of poor quality. Whereas a professional will get it in right from the first time, predicaments may arise but surely they will not be major.

The complexity of routing plumbing, laying tiles, flooring installation vanities and toilets leave much room for potential error. It is extremely likely that without the help of a professional you will lose a large amount of money and create a bathroom filled with minor and major errors. For major structural changes, it is suggested that you hire a professional in order to avoid any pitfalls that may lead to even bigger unwanted predicaments. When in doubt, hire a professional for guidance.

Step 4: Choose you Materials, Finishes and Colours

You have likely been planning for this remodel for quite sometime and already have your ideal idea of how you want your newly remodeled and renovated bathroom to look like. However, you must search for the material that you believe is best suitable in order to achieve your ideal bathroom. This is crucial in order to gain knowledge and be able to express to the professionals precisely what you want. For example, although you may want marble tiles, they are extremely difficult to maintain. This is it critical to conduct research to acknowledge the possibilities. Although the selection in this phase seems impossible, and endless here is a general rundown of the options:

  1. Bathtub
  2. Colour
  3. Countertops
  4. Faucets
  5. Flooring
  6. Lighting
  7. Mirrors
  8. Shower
  9. Sinks
  10. Storage
  11. Tile
  12. Toilet
  13. Vanities

Step 5: Get Estimates From Contractors

It is common knowledge that you should receive a minimum of three separate estimates from a licensed contractor for any project. If you are already in contact and working with a designer, they may have connections with other professionals who may be able to assist in other areas. Although it may be tempting to pick the contractor with the lowest bid however they might not be providing the best quality materials, and although a high bid contractor may be intimidating but it is crucial to understand the quality work they will be providing.

Minneapolis resident Nance Lee Mosquera and her husband, Vini, got three bids from contractors for their 8-by-5-foot master bathroom, shown here after their remodel. The first bid was $27,000 which elicited an “are you kidding me?” and “that is ridiculous” from the Mosqueras. The second bid was $24,000, which was equally shocking mainly due to the fact that demolition and painting themselves. The third and final bid is $9,000 and the Mosqueras felt like this price was rather ideal.

Subsequent to demolishing the bathroom, the space appeared quite different that it did prior. However the plumbing inside the home was from the year 1925, and it was impossible to begin the process of reconstructing knowing there is old plumbing. The pipe reached the basement, so the Mosqueras had to remove the dining room wall and go through three levels of their home in order to replace it, adding an additional cost of $4,800 in plumbing costs.

There was also electrical wiring which needed replacement, adding another $2,000. All of this costing the Mosqueras a total of $15,000 not including the materials necessary. Subsequent to the completion of the bathroom the total equalled $19,000.

The Mosqueras saved a small amount of money however they had to put in a lot of effort into completing the work. The Mosqueras were required to find the materials themselves, coordinate with the installers, and subcontractors in order to get things completed. What the couple has anticipated would take a maximum of two months, ended up taking five months.

Choosing a contractor who offered a higher bid would have costed more however, it would have saved the couple a major amount of work, and a lot of headaches. However, it is not encourages to choose a contractor that will cause you financial problems, be sure to choose a contractor that you believe will satisfy all your wants and needs, and complete the project efficiently and effectively.

Step 6: Plan for Installation and Get Ready for a Demonstration

There is an intensive process that goes into bathroom remodeling. Depending on the size and scope of your project, the process can take a period of six weeks to eight months or more according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association. It is ideal to have every detail planned, and every material picked and ordered specifically prior to the beginning of the process of construction. The last thing you want is getting halfway through your renovation and must tell your construction crew to take a two-week break while you wait for the materials to arrive.

You must ensure that everything is in sync and in flow and the general placement of everything that plays a role in renovation and reconstruction. Therefore, you must keep into consideration where you will be placing all your materials while construction is underway. Consider if you are able to put these materials in your garage or in the basement.

Consider if you are prepared for all the negative aspects of the project such as disruptions,timing, availability in order to oversee the construction, will it affect your work schedule, where will you shower while the bathroom is being utilized by construction workers, consider about how long the process will take?

Step 7: Make a Post-Completion Punch List

The National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends that you should keep all receipts, contracts and product information so that you are knowledgeable when it comes to caring for and maintaining the materials. If this is not the case, it is likely that your bathroom renovation and remodel will have wrong, overlooked, broken, scratched or missing. A dent in the wall or a malfunctioning drawer. It is pivotal to make a list of all that is important. Ensure that the person responsible for renovating and reconstructing has access to this list in order guarantee that all that you yearn for in regards to the bathroom renovation and remodelling is completed properly at the allocated time given.

Step 8: Decorate Congratulations on your new and improved bathroom.

It is time to make it look even more beautiful with the right towels, mats, soap holders accessories and more. If you do have kids, do not forget to childproof your bathroom for safety, and efficiency.

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